Along with daily reporting for newspapers I have written freelance pieces for the University of Oregon. These profiles of recent graduates explained the potential career paths of people who earned some of the more obscure degrees on campus available through the College of Arts and Sciences.

Language Learning? There’s An App For That

From the Classroom to the Cancer Clinic 

I researched and wrote a thesis on the evolution of sports journalism while an Honors College student at UO. From the abstract:

“Newspaper sports content of today includes melodramatic exposes of
scandal, drugs, crime and sex. This content contrasts with the content of the
1920s, which relished tall tales of heroics, glory and legends. But the content
is not the only thing that has changed within newspaper sports writing. The
relationships between sportswriters and their sources have also changed a
great deal in the 70 years between these two periods. Whereas sportswriters of
the 1920s, who dubbed the era the “Golden Age,” often had friendships with
their sources and they enjoyed privilege to a great deal of access, sportswriters
today often have tense relationships with their sources and restricted access.”

From Golden Heroes to Too Many Zeros