Eugene’s green rush

A pair of ­recreational ­marijuana ­retailers opening soon on the same block along High Street will help the Eugene thoroughfare live up to its name.

The pot shops opening on opposite sides of the McMenamins High Street Brewery & Café are just two of more than 20 new shops in the works in Eugene. The new stores will join about 40 shops already selling ­marijuana around the city. Full story

Mill in Noti ran for two days before learning of reported log-spiking

NOTI — In the heated logging debates of the 1990s, some environmentalists turned to spikes to try to make their point.

By pounding metal or ceramic spikes into large, live trees, they hoped to keep them standing. Loggers faced the danger of their saws binding and bursting on the spikes.

The extreme tactic was something fading into the history of Oregon forest management — until last month, when a group called SAP boasted through an Earth First! website to have entered the Swanson Brothers mill in Noti on June 11 “and placed dozens of metal spikes in the trunks of old-growth logs.” Full story

In search of OR-7

Despite a day’s worth of tracking, a federal scientist failed Tuesday to catch a glimpse of OR-7, Oregon’s famously well-traveled wolf. Still, he learned that the wolf is finding food, moving frequently around his new territory and still alone.

Originally from an Eastern Oregon pack, 2-year-old OR-7 left that corner of the state in September. He has since wandered close to Burns, through Crook and Deschutes counties and seems to have made a home over the last month in the woods between Upper Klamath and Crater lakes.

“Where they settle in, there is ample prey,” said John Stephenson, Oregon wolf coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Full story